Global Personalized Academics And CTM Partner To Deliver Online Courses To Students In The Czech Republic And Slovakia Featured

Global Personalized Academics And CTM Partner To Deliver Online Courses To Students In The Czech Republic And Slovakia
Innovative online education provider Global Personalized Academics (GPA) announced it has signed an agreement with Centrum pro talentovanou mladez (CTM), a College Board-certified education non-profit that delivers online courses and instruction to high school students in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Under the agreement, CTM's teachers will teach GPA courses across a wide range of subjects including math, science, language arts, and Advanced Placement (AP).

"GPA is thrilled to partner with CTM and provide this unique opportunity for students in Central Europe," said Julie Young, GPA CEO. "CTM has been providing high-quality instruction to students for many years and we are excited to be a part of this path to student success in academics and beyond."

CTM's current programs focus on providing online courses for gifted students in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, aimed at helping with college readiness and covering key subjects to help them get into and excel at U.S. universities. CTM's education programs have been made possible through the generous support from the American Fund for Czech and Slovak Leadership Studies (AFCSLS), a U.S.-based non-profit founded by expatriates from the former Czechoslovakia with a passion for helping students from their country of origin go to college and achieve success in their careers.

"We believe that each and every student should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and go as far as their work ethic and intellect can take them," says Jeanne Bockova, Director of CTM. "CTM prides itself in delivering rigorous, ambitious educational programs to its students. After a comprehensive review of GPA's course offerings, we decided to use its courses for the Spring term. This is the first step in our partnership which we hope will lead to an expanded suite of GPA course offerings in Fall 2016."

GPA/CTM Course Enrollment for the Spring 2016 semester continues through February 22nd, and courses are set to begin in March. To learn more about the organization's efforts, please visit

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