Just 53% Of Expatriates Covered For Repatriation Featured

The unresolved conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is at the centre The unresolved conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is at the centre
Just 53% of expatriates working outside of their home country have opted to include repatriation cover as part of a their accident, liability or international health insurance policies, revealed speaking in Athens at a  recent industry conference on international private medical insurance, travel and repatriation cover.

Quoting from data gather by APRIL International, Grégoire further revealed around 20% had no health cover at all, whilst others opted for just inpatient, outpatient or a combination of the two in an attempt to keep costs under control.

Globally, APRIL Assistance has 43 offices and 150 exclusive local agents, with the Group now providing assistance services in more than 25 languages worldwide.  APRIL Assistance delivers its case management services via a network of fourteen integrated 24/7 contact centres, strategically located in the Americas, Europe and Asia. From these, over 800 staff oversee individual requests for assistance from the clients of a wide range of insurers.

Perceptions of the importance and need for international health insurance also vary considerably according to age and family status. Amongst students and the younger, fist time expatiates, health insurance and repatriation cover are not seen as priorities, according to the same data. This position changes significantly, once an individual marries and starts a family. According to APRIL, this is the point at which there is the highest perception of the need for insurance, higher even than for the retired.

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