Majority Of Expats Positive About Their Lifestyles Abroad But Half Concerned About Treatment Available For Major Conditions

A survey by leading international private medical insurance broker, Medibroker amongst expatriates has discovered that most expatriates were positive about their lifestyle with 80% of the sample saying they either ‘really enjoyed’ or ‘enjoyed’ their lives abroad.

By contrast, less than 2% said they were not enjoying their time overseas. Nearly 60% of the sample cited a better climate as the main reason for their positive outlook, closely followed by an improved standard of living. Being away from their home country was also an influencing factor. A better social life, additional income, experiencing different cultures and their job did not add significantly to the overall happiness of respondents.

Out of the expats who were not enjoying or were indifferent about their lives abroad, the majority said that integrating into a different culture was the most challenging aspect with missing their home country coming a close second.

However, nearly 50% of the sample was concerned with the healthcare facilities available to them should they need major treatment.

Worryingly, 45% of the respondents were not covered by aninternational health insurance policy. Out of the total respondents, half had made a claim on their health insurance policy and nearly 75% were satisfied or very satisfied with the medical care they received from their hospital or clinic. Just over 50% of those who had made a claim were happy with the service that they received from their insurer.

Sales Manager for Medibroker, Steve Nelson, commented, “It‘s great to see that most expats enjoy their lifestyles abroad with no surprise that the weather is such an important factor!”

Nelson continued, “Individual respondent comments suggest that comprehensive research and learning the language is critical when moving abroad to live or work. And it seems that once the move is made there is little or nothing this group of expats would change, with the possible exception of red tape and form filling!”

The survey was carried out online in partnership, and via email to existing Medibroker members in December 2013 – March 2014. A total of 202 responses were collected and analysed. Angloinfo is an online global expat website offering useful information on business, family and lifestyle to Expats in multiple locations. Expatnetwork is an online resource which has been involved with the Expat community for many years. This online portal offers career advice, job vacancies, solutions to financial and contract issues, and honest location information.

Medibroker is an award-winning, independent broker, which specialises in providing international private health insurance to both the individuals and companies. Since its foundation in 1998, Medibroker, has been offering independent advice and support to expatriates of all nationalities, regardless of where they find themselves living. Policies can be arranged to cover the full range of inpatient and outpatient costs, including evacuations, wellbeing benefits and complementary medicine.

Medibroker gives clients access to policies from over 30 top insurers covering most major expatriate destinations. Medibroker advices both expats and UK residents based on their specific needs and provides tailored advice to ensure that clients have the best policies for their particular requirements and circumstances.

Medibroker is the trading name of APRIL Medibroker Limited, who are regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority, and follows the code of the Association of British Insurers (ABI). The regulated Firm number is 304773. Registered office: APRIL Medibroker Limited, Unit 4, Rake House Farm, Rake Lane, North Shields, Tyne & Wear, UK, NE29 8EQ.


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