Sharp Rise Predicted In Global Assignments As Organisations Try To Plug Skills Gaps

PwC research predicts the number of workers taking on global assignments is set to increase by 50% in the next decade as companies re-think where their talent needs to be based to fulfil their growth ambitions. PwC’s ‘Talent Mobility: 2020 and beyond’ report, based on data from over 900 global companies, reveals that companies will need to offer new forms of global mobility to respond to skills shortages, changing business needs and employee preferences.

What Could An Ageing Expat Community Mean For Expatriate Health Insurance Planning?

ACAS, the UK’s top employment relations service, notes that “One of the most significant changes that will impact on the workplace (in the UK) is the ageing of the workforce. The Default Retirement Age has been removed and this, coupled with the announced increases in state pension age, means that the average age of the UK workforce is expected to increase.”
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Just 53% Of Expatriates Covered For Repatriation

Just 53% of expatriates working outside of their home country have opted to include repatriation cover as part of a their accident, liability or international health insurance policies, revealed speaking in Athens at a  recent industry conference on international private medical insurance, travel and repatriation cover.
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