Nearly 2.6 Million Expatriates In Kuwait Featured

Nearly 2.6 Million Expatriates In Kuwait
There are nearly 2.6 million expatriates in Kuwait according to statistics from Interior Ministry’s Residency Affairs Department.

The number of expatriates registered in the database with valid residencies reached 2,599,541. This excluded all expatriates in violation of the residency law, whose number is estimated at 110,000.

Residency affairs department data showed the number of workers in the government sector is 107,698 and 1,300,285 in the private sector.

Further Sector Expatriate Numbers Breakdown

  • Family visa holders: 536,829;
  • Domestic helpers: 651,454;
  • Article 19 holders (commercial licenses or Kuwaitis’ partners): 377;
  • University students: 637;
  • Self-sponsored: 2,261.
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